Meet the Bands

Stay tuned for links, images, tunes and videos, but for the time being you can read about some of the bands that have contributed to our soundtrack…

Better Zed Than Deadbztd smBETTER ZED THAN DEADtrippin’s own star, Zed Wilson, is also the head of this notorious band that makes Spinal Tap seem tame by comparison. Formerly Satan Killed My Hamster, the band was renamed after frontman Zed Wilson finally made peace with the tragic events of August 2005.

“Hamster was starting to taste cashed before it was even really lit,” Wilson explains, ” I was in a total deep funk.  But then one morning I woke up and realized how lucky I was just to be alive and Better Zed Than Dead was born.”

The band recorded all new tunes for  trippin’s soundtrack, and also revamped some Satan Killed My Hamster’s classics.

Wilson says, ““I wanted to re-cut some of the OG Hamster tracks we were listening to during the trip, but with more intense flavor. I mean, it’ll make the movie more authentic, I guess. But Jesse and everybody would dig the shit out of it if they knew I was still holding it down for them. I made them listen to the shit so much, man, they were my biggest fans.”

Secretions-smsecretions-hotgreasyTHE SECRETIONS Hailing from Sacramento CA, The Secretions have been unleashing their Ramones-style punk rock since 1991. With numerous national and west coast tours under their belt, The Secretions take their mantra of “Three Chords and a @#$% You!” to remind listeners that punk rock doesn’t always have to be a soapbox-lecture-political-diatribe. In short, The Secretions bring the punk rock fun back to a genre that can sometimes take itself way too seriously.

rainmansuiteTHE RAINMAN SUITE: World traveling pop punk gypsy pirates.  Check out their hits  Heavy Medication and Teenage Zombies featured in the movie and get a peek into their warped psyches on Music Plus.

PRiCKS_promo_picthe PRiCKS: From classic punk rock to a furious wall of sound! the PRiCKS are impossible to pin down, possessing a unique style all their own. Watch and listen HERE.

RATBAGS: Shortly lived three-piece punk band based in London, which had members from Japan, Finland and Spain. Wrote songs about the gritty realism of the life in the Big Smoke along with drawing influences from the likes of Nietzsche and Sartre. Songs were described by the UK Subs singer and punk legend Charlie Harper as “really good stuff!”. The band almost managed to make a debut album before self-combusting.

adorkablesTHE ADORKABLES: referred to as “the sort of punk rock that parents would want their kids to listen to.”  Even parents can be right sometimes!  Influences include the Descendents, Ramones, and Teenage Bottlerocket.

whiskey wailersWHISKEY WAILERS: Wailing to the bleeding moon on a heartbroken hell-bent night. Whiskey dripping down the chin of a carnal, sex- driven, Theocritus walking back to the saloon to croon to all the pretty ladies. That is the basis of the whiskey wailers conception. The Whiskey Wailers are a psycho- blues band that birthed from the weeping Bellingham Washington.

outlaw dance societyTHE OUTLAW DANCE SOCIETY: four punks from Stockton, CA decided to try something new; over 5 years ago they traded their electric guitars for acoustic ones and haven’t looked back since.

pleasurekillsTHE PLEASURE KILLS: “This is absolutely pure power pop goodness, complete with sticky sweet female vocals. This is what heaven is like, I am sure of it.” – Maximum Rock N Roll

SPIDER’S SIDESHOW: London-based musician Spider, who has played in too many bands to mention, among his fellow friends making praxis out of those endless ideas discussed while having a drink. It all started by encountering the directrix at the bar… This shapeshifting sideshow would provide a case for Mulder and Scully.

Joe NadeauJOSEPH NADEAU has been recording since he was 15 years old. In 2005, When I Wake up in the Morning was one of the top ranking songs on in the rock category. Currently Joe lives in Atlanta, frequently playing at local venues such as Eddie’s Attic, Seasons Bistro and Tequila’s. When not working on music, Joe is on a film set somewhere working in the AD or art department.


Other contributing bands include:  Final Summation and Moonshine .