July 2009
  Milton. Yeats. Romero. The cult art of grave robbers and gallows-haunters is now on the syllabus at Notre Dame U, taught by Devi Snively, (The Chainsaw Mafia's current Viscera Woman) herself a purveyor of pagan fables and diabolical allegory. [ more ]
July 27, 2009
  En Francaise: On continue ensuite avec l'un des meilleurs du lot, DEATH IN CHARGE (2009) de Devi Snively, une réussite humoristique avec plus d'une surprise dans son sac. Une bonne mise en scène fait oublier le peu de moyens, tout en réussissant magiquement le mélange comédie et horreur.[ more ]
July 27, 2009
  DEATH IN CHARGE, directed by Devi Snively: After overseeing the demise of an unfortunate babysitter, Death assumes her form and fills in at her babysitting gig. She finds herself at the home of a flighty single mother and her violent video game-loving brat of a daughter. But Death isn't here to collect any souls, at least not yet.[ more ]
July 21st, 2009
  Death takes a holiday... and goes babysitting. Loosely based on a script the filmmaker wrote in response to the Columbine shootings, this ingenious flash of subversion balances horror, humour and moral crisis in the provocative vein of EC comics. [ more ]
July 24 2009
  Los Angeles – Actress GILLIAN S. SHURE, crowned “Queen of Hollywood Splatterfests 2009” by LA Weekly, is taking the entertainment industry by storm, one horror-flick at a time. But this 5-foot 10-inch tall, sexy redhead is out to prove she’s more than just the typical victim. [ more ]
June 29, 2009

Death in Charge takes a more in depth look at the character of Death. What would happen if Death was put in an unfamiliar situation (and a funny one at that)? Well, Death in Charge looks at this question and deftly weaves a short flick around it that shows some strong imagination (and directing skills) on writer/director, Devi Snively’s part. [ more ]

    A glowing review from Down Under [ more ]
    Death officially to screen at Comic-Con! [ more ]
    Death In Charge officially selected to Fantasia - see their glowing review. [ more ]
    Devi is the Chainsaw Mafia's Viscera Girl of the Month! [ more ]
    Death in Charge nominated for Best Director AND Best Female Director at Action on Film Festival! [ more ] ]
May 20, 2009

From: The Movies Made me Do It
I suppose that I should point out that this was by far one of the biggest perks of the entire affair. Sure, the visuals and the references were nice, but you have to have something to compliment those in order to produce an enjoyable evening in front of the tube. Death in Charge presents us with a tale that is simple in its complexity (or is that complex in its simplicity?) while successfully presenting one of Snively's possible answers to her own question: what could drive a child to kill another human being? … [ more ]

April 29, 2009

From: Pulp Movies
Death in Charge is both funny and moving, an achievement due in no small part to the fact that both of the lead characters put in superb performances. This is especially true of Marina Benedict who plays Death as an innocent abroad, experiencing 21st century life for the first time rather than just ending it. Kylie Chalfa also does an excellent job … [ more ]

April 28, 2009

From: Horror Society Film Fest
Women of Horror Re-Cap
Staying with the babysitter theme up next came Death in Charge. A short and quirky film featuring “Death” as a babysitter who got thrown into a situation completely new to her, but remember… she still has a job to do. Great job with this one … [ more ]

April 28, 2009

From: We Are Horror Geeks
Women of Horror Film Festival

‘Death in Charge’ is told with tongue in cheek and the comedic timing is just about perfect, both from Death (Marina Benedict) who is mistaken as the babysitter expected to keep watch of little Whitney (Kylie Chalfa) while her mother goes out. Benedict is both dark and beautiful, she glows with an elegant ambiance similar to Cate Blanchett and Chalfa is incredibly talented in her performance as the smart, but misguided daughter
[ more ]

April 24, 2009

From: Chris Jones
There were some familiar faces in the crowd too. One really super thing about festivals is you get to know the film makers who are on the circuit too, and I had a lovely drink with the even lovlier Devi Snively (I know! What a GREAT name!) who was there form LA. I had met her at MethodFest and we hob nobbed for some time. She had her film playing …
[ more ]

April 23, 2009

From: LA Weekly
In keeping with the mores of a young, Hollywood actress, Gillian Shure walks into the 101 Café fashionably late for breakfast. And, yes, heads turn when she does. After all, she’s a beautiful, 5-foot-10-inch redhead. But in knee-length cutoffs that were actually cut off from an old pair of jeans, a basic tank top and Converse sneaks, she doesn’t bear the usual Robertson Avenue-supplied signifiers of young Hollywood.… [ more ]

April 17, 2009

From: TheLondonPaper
On Monday at the Roxy, Devi Snively will hold forth on the culture of horror before a screening of supernatural thriller Credo … [ more ]

April 14, 2009

From: DC Shorts
Death in Charge is a clever and amusing tale of the Grim Reaper finding herself baby sitting a precocious young girl. Strong technical elements support an original plot that often touches funny even as it explores humanity's violent inclinations and nonchalant view of death
[ more ]

March 23, 2009

From: Rhodester Chronicles
Devi and the pink reservoir poodle

She wandered out into the valet area of the hotel to catch a ride to a party, her blond hair sporting streaks of pink and a pink poodle named Fifi slung over her shoulder.  I immediately liked her, before I even talked to her. She had class, this one, and she was an artist. …
[ more ]

March, 2009

From: Fatally Yours
In this 15 minute short film from Devi Snively, Death comes calling on a preoccupied mother and her precocious 9-year-old daughter, Whitney. Mistaking Death for the babysitter, the mother quickly dashes out the door for a night on the town and leaves Death to look after Whitney. The child thinks nothing of Death’s cloak , only calling her “goth.” In the process of the evening, the little girl teaches Death about playing video games, making mac ‘n’ cheese and growing sea monkeys. While Death learns about life, Whitney in turn learns a little about death … [ more ]

Jan. 31, 2009  

From: Rotten Tomatoes
When an indifferent mother (Shure) mistakes the Grim Reaper (Benedict) for a babysitter and rushes off for the night, Death learns gains a new perspective on life while spending an evening with a nine-year-old girl (Chalia).

"Death in Charge" is an interesting film that packs more interesting character development into its 15-minute running time than many films manage to do with 115 minutes. [ more ]

Jan. 30, 2009  

From: Fearzone
Devi Snively, the auteur behind such offbeat goth art short films as TEENAGE BIKINI VAMPIRE and RAVEN GETS A LIFE, and the H.G. Lewis period homage CONFEDERATE ZOMBIE MASSACRE, is in post production on her first feature, the cabin-in-the-woods movie TRIPPIN'. After she had completed shooting that yet to be seen epic, she was accepted into the American Film Institute's prestigious Directors Workshop for Women, which only accepts eight students per workshop. [ more ]

Dec. 8 , 2008
  From: The University of Notre Dame
An oblivious single mom, in a hurry to leave on a date--what's she going to do when Death--you know, The Grim Reaper, with the shroud and the scythe--appears at the door instead of the teenage babysitter? Slip Death a few bills and head out the door, of course, leaving little 9-year-old Whitney to show Death how to play her favorite violent video game and make macaroni and cheese out of a box. [ more ]
Oct. 24, 2008   From: The Providence Journal
Much more successful is Devi Snively’s surprisingly lighthearted short Death in Charge, being shown at 9:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Columbus. When the Grim Reaper, dressed in a long robe and carrying a scythe, comes knocking, she’s mistaken for Debbie, the new baby-sitter. An attractive but melancholy woman underneath the shroud, Death is unable to resist having this encounter with the real world. What she finds is an unhappy girl named Wendy who enlists [ more ]
May 11, 2008   Premiere Screening at AFI - 7pm
May 12, 2008   AFI DWW Showcase
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