Friends Don’t Let Friends Facebook at 4am!

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February 6th, 2010 by Devi Snively (The Directrix)

heather smI admit it.  I’ve been self-righteous for too long.  But oh, how the mighty have fallen.  After repeatedly proclaiming my lack of understanding for how anyone could waste time on such a thing, I am ashamed to confess that I, too, have now succumb to an extended bout of  Facebook frivolity.

In my defense, it’s been a while since I’ve had insomnia and I was a bit out of practice as to how one spends her waking hours at 4am when neither sleep nor productivity is an option.

peter_jackson_01Fortunately, I don’t see this as a return to my sleep issues. In last night’s case I simply have a nightmare to blame for the interruption (for some play.3650unknown reason this was the third consecutive night in which there was a celebrity cameo in my dream.  On Tuesday night, I got trapped in a giant beanbag chair with Peter Jackson who ultimately snubbed me, then Wednesday I made out with Christopher Walken as part of some experimental theater piece, and earlier this morning Peter Lorre went all Tonya Harding on me and crushed my kneecaps with a baseball bat after I had landed the role of Sugarplum Fairy in the NYC Ballet’s Nutcracker Suite, the dirty rat!  It sounds silly now, but I awoke in such a peter_lorre_youdistraught state I knew sleep was not forthcoming any time soon.  So, I turned on my long-neglected insomnia playlist on iTunes and caught up on some e-mails.

s320x240Unfortunately, I also made the mistake of visiting Facebook in the wee hours and finally understand why sensible people sometimes post silly stuff.  To quote a particularly poignant episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Nothing good happens after 2am.

So anyway, I get this instant message from a friend with whom I hadn’t chatted in some time.  We exchanged absurd pleasantries until the goofy Facebook commentary revealed some doppelganger thing going on of which I knew nothing about.  Apparently, everybody was supposed to change her profile photo to her “celebrity look-alike.”  I first made the mistake of commenting that I don’t really look like anybody famous. Then I teased my friend for suggesting Robert Smith was his own doppelganger with the quip, “My, my, somebody has a high opinion of himself.”  The duel had begun.

211kedwardscissorhandsI soon found myself hit with a barrage of e-mails with photo attachments of the scariest group of folks imaginable ranging from Kelly Bundy to Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland.  Needless to say, I began google-imaging at my end as well and sent a barrage back – Stiv Bators, Edward Scissorhands and even a nude photo of Iggy Pop clearly having seen better days.  It was a virtual photographic sparring match.  Admittedly it was rather fun until I looked at the clock – d’oh!

Long story short, I wasted 2 ½ hours playing this goofy game, am  now melanie smevanna smtotally exhausted and have but the surrounding images to show for my efforts.  So, let this be a lesson to us all…


2 Responses to “Friends Don’t Let Friends Facebook at 4am!”

  1. Clair says:

    Looks very productive to me. In fact, I would say it’s genius!!!!

  2. susan whitby says:

    Devi! This made me laugh since in our circle we say, “friends don’t let friends DRUNK facebook!” Some of us are meaner after a few,and the next day we regret what we posted for the entire facebook world to read. I have been unfriended once or twice for drunk facebooking blunders.
    However, I must disagree about nothing good happening after 2am. Being a creative person, my mind shuts down during the day when I have to deal with mundane things like laundry, bills, etc. But, for some reason, when I sleep my mind runs wild and some of my best work has come from waking with a thought or image, jumping out of bed and running with it. Soooo, those dreams of yours may have been saying to you, “Devi, get up and write a fantastic horror/thriller about beanbags, baseball bat abuse, and the Nutcracker!!! Cheers! ;)

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