“That’s good beer…if you have hypothermia”

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August 2nd, 2006 by Zed Wilson (actor?)

bottomimg2zed beer smDuring the first half of the movie, we’re all continuously drinking beer.  Actual beer.  (And yes, all the actors are 21 if you’re lame enough to give a shit.)  It’s called WarBird, a red lager brewed locally by some cat who’s all about letting us promote it in his movie. And dude, it’s good fucking beer.

However…Devi and Augustin didn’t think about the fact we were actually going to have to drink said beer during the shoot, and left it outside in the heat. So here I am with like 3 cases of fire ass brew and the shit’s like 90 degrees.

holly zed beer smWhile most members of the cast opted to pour out this wonderful, albeit warm beverage and substitute cold bottled water in their cans, your boy Zed held shit down. Not only am I actually drinking beer in every scene, but I also slammed a few that other cast members were going to pour out.

Even weirder, I actually kinda started to like it. I think I’m gonna start microwaving my Heinekens at home…

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